“Ooh… and in  my finger slips. So sweet , isn’t it, little bimbo? So sweeeet . You just can’t help but suck, can you, my darling bimbo? Just suck. Can’t help it. Can’t help yourself. Poor, h

“Ooh… and in  my finger slips. So sweet , isn’t it, little bimbo? So sweeeet . You just can’t help but suck, can you, my darling bimbo? Just suck. Can’t help it. Can’t help yourself. Poor, h “Ooh… and in  my finger slips. So sweet , isn’t it, little bimbo? So sweeeet . You just can’t help but suck, can you, my darling bimbo? Just suck. Can’t help it. Can’t help yourself. Poor, horny bimbo. ” Morielize, succubus of Pride, let our an infuriated whimper. There was no  way she was letting this sweet fiend make a fool out of her! If she thought Elize could be seduced by a single… … oh, but her lips were already obediently suckling at the finger, like a baby on a pacifer. Her eyes widened as she stared at her fellow demoness. “Mm?” “Shh. Shh .” The sweet fiend planted tiny little kisses on Elize’s face, kissing away those moans of distress. “You’re very happy about this. Yes, you are. You love  to suckle. Love it when I touch you… ” “Mm,” Elize protested, whimpering. The sweetness flooding her mind was too, too much… “Yes, that’s so nice ,” the sweet fiend soothed, her voice crackling and tingling into Elize’s ears, pouring endless sugar right into her brain… “So nice to just be a happy little bimbo .” Eliza whined. Her barbed tail thrashed. “ Shh . Shh .” Elize couldn’t stop suckling. The succubus of Pride had laid barons and knights and wizards low, she had corrupted Cloistermagi and confounded adventurers, and she… loved…  to suckle … Her head was getting so fuzzy. Her wings beneath her were shivering. Everything felt corrupted, hazy, sparkly. The sweet fiend wetly kissed her neck, and Elize found herself leaning into the touches. “Such a good bimbo ,” the sweet fiend cooed, and Elize felt bizarre, inescapable pleasure soaring through her at the praise. “Such a good bimbo girl for me. Good, good slutty bimbo…  shh… that’s my good girl! ” “Mm…” Elize, despite herself, felt her head sinking, floating, drifting… She wriggled and growled, struggling to clear herself. She couldn’t let another demon claim her! Of all the humiliations one of her kind could suffer, this was the worst. “Shh. Shh . Such a good bimbo girl. Such a sweet, obedient, smoky-headed bimbo darling …” She would rip this petty creature apart when she broke free! Fuck her hard and fuck her raw. Nobody dared disrespect her like this! Nobody could take Morielize the Dreaded in for more than five seconds and not be left a gibbering, melting mess! She would make this wretch  scream  for forgiveness, scream  to be Elize’s bimbo, scream  to submit, scream  to stick her finger in Elize’s mouth, scream and moan and whimper and whisper and coo  for Elize to be a good bimbo girl for her Mistress! No. No no no no! The succubus shook her head furiously. But she could only continue to suckle, as docile as a lamb, as the sweet fiend’s fingers drifted down to stroke along her body, lightly tickling her, petting her, soothing her. “I love my bimbo girls,” the sweet fiend cooed. “And you love me, don’t you?” “Mm…” Elize whimpered, her ancient spirit quailing before the simple, slow, sweet pleasure of her fellow fiend’s gentle finger and loving praise. The sweet fiend giggled, planting several soft kisses on her neck. “ Shh.  Just keep drinking, my little bimbo, and suck your pretty little mind away. Taste by taste. Okay?” Elize twitched, catching herself running her forked tongue over that finger. Her breaths were heavy. Her face was red, her breasts were flushed. And her mind was a melty, drippy mess . “Doesn’t that sound so… easy… for my sweet little bimbo to do ? ” A finger grazed over Elize’s inner thighs. Elize panted and whined excitedly, eagerly spreading her legs and bucking upwards, desperate for more touch. “Just sucking. Sucking and licking and kissing.” She kissed Elize’s cheek, then gave it a little tickling lick  that made Elize’s internal thought process melt and dribble over the floor like a snowball back home. “Everything a little bimbo like you just loves to do .” “Mm.” Elize licked the finger again, lovingly, adoringly. She felt so empty-headed. So… malleable. So dumb and horny and sexy. Just like a good bimbo needed to be. The sweet fiend laughed, petting Elize’s cheek like a favored pet. “Isn’t that right, little bimbo?” “Mm…” Morielize squirmed, a smile spreading across her face as she sucked away her pride, her dignity, and her mind. She would be a good bimbo. A good, bubbly, stupid, horny bimbo. Pleasure tingled in her heart at the very thought. The delicious, humiliating thought. “ Good  bimbo. That such a good, sexy bimbo girl. That’s Mistress’s sexy bimbo girl.” At least, Morielize consoled herself, as she faded deep down into permanent bubbly bliss, she still had her name to take pride in. “So, sexy little bimbo,” the sweet fiend cooed in her ear, “I think I’m gonna give you a nice, easy name for my nice, easy  girl to remember. How does Lizzy sound?” Lizzy giggled, and ran her tongue happily over the sweet fiend’s soft finger. “ Mm !”  are among the most powerful demons in the common records, when it comes to mind control. Even succubi and incubi must tread carefully around them, for a sweet fiend loves nothing better than to break the powerful down into cute, bubbly bimbos. Wow…uhhh…damn. need me a galpal like this Oh my god 😍😍😍😍😍

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